Sight Latin Reading is a sequestered contest.  Two rooms are needed to run the event:  a sequestering room and a judging room.  The most difficult aspect of this contest is the limited time (and hence the limited number of spaces) available for each level.  Because of the limited number of spaces available, each chapter is allocated a limited number of guaranteed places for each level (Latin ½, 1, 2, and 3+), based on the number of JCL delegates at each level which the chapter has as a percentage of the whole.  For example, if a chapter has 30 Latin 2 delegates and there are 100 Latin 2 delegates at the convention, that chapter will be guaranteed 30% of the spaces available for Latin 2 Sight Reading.

Delegates who wish to compete in Sight Latin Reading MUST register for this event at the convention during the Friday evening check-in and registration.  Checking Sight Latin on the convention registration form does NOT guarantee a student a place in the competition.  During Friday registration, a chapter may not have more than its allocated number of delegates sign up for the event.  If there is still space remaining after registration, the remaining spaces will be available to any delegate on a first-come, first-served basis.  An announcement regarding vacant spaces will be made at the Saturday morning assembly.

Since Sight Latin is a sequestered event, all contestants must report to the event location at the time the event is scheduled to begin.  Contestants will be given a brief passage appropriate to their level of Latin to study.  They will be given a 10-minute preparation period to study the passage.  Contestants may use a dictionary during this 10-minute period, as long as they provide the dictionary themselves.  Macrons will be included in the passage to indicate long vowels.  The students may make notes on the passage but may not use any other paper.  At the conclusion of the preparation period, passages and dictionaries will be collected as each contestant is sent one by one into the judging room.  Contestants will be given an unmarked passage to use by the judges.  Contestants are expected to read the passage aloud in Latin.

Judges will assess the contestants’ comprehension of the passage by the quality of their reading.  Each contestant will be judged for confidence, continuity, phrasing, word accent, vowel quality and quantity, syllabication, consonant quality, performance, elision (poetry only), and scansion (poetry only).  Either the classical or the ecclesiastical pronunciation may be used, but the contestant must inform the judges before reciting if the ecclesiastical pronunciation will be used.



Note:  Beginning with the 2018 convention, Sight Latin will no longer be divided into separate boys’ and girls’ divisions.

Sight Latin Reading awards will be given in the following divisions:

Latin ½

Latin 1

Latin 2

Latin 3-4-5 Prose

Latin 3-4-5 Poetry

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