The Essay contest gives its entrants a chance to write an extemporaneous essay about the Greco-Roman world.  At the start of the contest all competitors are given a handout with source materials (usually selections from Roman and/or Greek authors) and one or more question prompts based on the provided materials.  The handout is to be distributed only during the Essay contest; no outside preparation is required for this event.  Contestants may not consult other materials in either written or electronic form.

 Contestants should be provided with paper.  Essays may be written in pen or pencil.  Pens will not be provided, but pencils may be borrowed from the common supply used during academic testing.  Please ask contestants to return pencils when they are finished.


Essay Contest awards will all be given in the following divisions (subject to change):

Grades 5-7

Grades 8-10

Grades 11-12

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