The Dramatic Interpretation contest consists of the effective and expressive delivery of a Latin passage.  WABC JCL uses the same passages as the NJCL convention.  Passages are available for download from the NJCL website.

Dramatic Interpretation is NOT a sequestered event.  Anyone wishing to compete in it may do so at any point during the scheduled time.

N.B.  It is expected but not required that contestants will have their piece memorized; a contestant who refers to the passage or to notes of any kind during his or her performance will receive 0 points in the memorization category on the score card.  Contestants are free to wear costumes to enhance their performance, but costuming is not required, and contestants should not be penalized for not appearing in costume.



Awards are given by Latin level in the following divisions:

Latin ½, Girls                            Latin ½, Boys

Latin 1, Girls                               Latin 1, Boys

Latin 2, Girls                              Latin 2, Boys

Advanced Prose, Girls              Advanced Prose, Boys

Advanced Poetry, Girls            Advanced Prose, Boys


Contestants are scored on the following criteria:

Category                                                                          Points

(prose)             (poetry)

Memorization                                                                  (25)                 (25)

Character portrayal and depth                                         (20)                 (20)

Pronunciation                                                                  (20)                 (15)

Enunciation                                                                      (10)                 (5)

Voice control and eye contact                              _          (10)                 (10)

Natural gestures & appropriate movement          ______ (10)    ______ (10)

Phraseology                                                                      (5)                   (5)

Scansion (poetry only)                                                                              (10)

 Total                                                                           ____________   (100)

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